Entrepreneurial Magic 

with Lawrence Sullivan

Welcome to the world of Lawrence Sullivan - An entrepreneur and modern magician based in Hong Kong, Las Vegas, and Silicon Valley. Early in his career, Lawrence worked as a corporate magician for Fortune 500 companies and luxury brands, mesmerizing dignitaries, tycoons, presidents, and TV audiences on MTV's "Whatever Things," and Fashion TV. During those whirlwind years traveling the globe for corporate events, Lawrence founded Legends Playing Card Co., an innovative company that has taken the world of playing cards by storm with ultra-high-quality playing cards and printing techniques. Learn how he conjured up this company, pivoting from sleight of hand to unlocking business success.

"Where magic meets business, miracles happen."





Lawrence's unique combination of entrepreneurship and magic is what sets him apart from other corporate speakers. Imagine a talk that combines incredible feats of magic with valuable insights into entrepreneurship and leadership. Lawrence's inspiring talks on creativity, innovation, and the art of entrepreneurship will leave your audience spellbound, and empower them to achieve their full potential.

Performing in English or Chinese, Lawrence has entertained at the world's most exclusive parties, product launches, and corporate functions. So why wait? Book Lawrence Sullivan for your next corporate event and experience the unique combination of magic and business, leaving your guests feeling inspired, empowered, and entertained.